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Judy paintingJudy Stubb was born and raised in Portland, Oregon and has been a resident of Wilsonville, Oregon since 1970. Most of her working years have been spent being "creative" with food, managing Hickory Stick Catering for 10 years, then forming her own business, Baroness Catering, Inc. for 21 years.

When her husband passed away in 1989, she vowed not to stay home and feel sorry for herself. Having watched Bob Ross and The Joy of Painting on PBS for years, she decided to look for a class and see if it was really as easy as it looked.

She found a class at a nearby Michaels store, signed up and was immediately hooked. Not only was it easy, it was fun! It was also great therapy, allowing her to be totally absorbed in the painting and losing the rest of the world for the 3-4 hour class.

It was so much fun, she followed her instructor around to the different locations he taught in, and took all the classes she could fit into her schedule. Then, the instructor moved across country!

Left without her therapist, and not finding another instructor who was close enough or who fit into her busy schedule, she contacted the BOB ROSS COMPANY and found that there were certification classes in Portland. She immediately signed up and has been certified in Florals since 2003, and became certified in Landscapes and Wildlife in 2005. Now she can be the therapist and is having a ball doing so.

Judy has been spreading The Joy of Painting since 2003, and plans to continue to do so for many years to come. She teaches at Parks and Recreation in Newberg, Lake Oswego, West Linn, Troutdale, and Wilsonville as well as at the Oregon City and Tualatin Michaels stores. Soon, there will be even more locations added to the list, since The Joy of Painting is just too much fun to keep to herself.

Her students range in age from 12 to 90+ in age and from those who have never held a brush to seasoned painters. Her favorite students are those who arrive saying "I have no talent. I can't do this!" They invariably leave with their painting saying " Wow! I did this myself!" Then they return for a great time learning and creating, usually bringing along a doubting friend, another convert to be!

You can contact Judy by e-mail at judy@wetpaints.net or by phone at (503) 682-0764.

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